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Guitar with Lawrence LeLievre

Temporarily On Hold

  • Advancing chord progressions

  • Working with bar chords

  • Improving strumming and dynamics

  • Improving practice habits

  • Working with metronome

  • Improving timing and rhythm

  • Practicing scales

  • Learn your favourite songs

Drums with Ian Macintyre

Temporarily On Hold

  • Rhythms, rudiments and stick control

  • Playing in time (playing to a metronome)

  • Learning how to listen to what the other band members are
    playing and adjust your playing style accordingly.

  • Dynamics

  • Posture

  • Tuning

  • Maintaining your drum kit

Introduction to Live Sound

Temporarily On Hold

  • How to mic instruments properly

  • Organizing mic cables neatly to the input snake on stage

  • Tidy stage set up

  • Learning what mic’s to use on different instruments

  • Learning signal path from mic / instrument to sound board and back to speakers

  • Learn the separate channel strips on the board and their functions

  • How to set up a monitor mix

  • Introduction to equalization, compression, effects

  • How to run a sound check

  • Trouble shooting sound problems

  • How find feedback issues

  • Proper care and maintenance of equipment

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