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As a Student

You will learn from accomplished musicians.  Class sizes will be small.  There will be opportunities to play as a group with other students and also with the instructors.  Jam sessions, dress rehearsals, live-stage performances, and specialized workshops are all part of being a student at the WPMF!

A quick note... WPMF is not for beginner students.  Students applying should have an intermediate level of competence in their instrument of choice.

And In Return

Students are expected to

  • Attend all scheduled lessons, rehearsals and live events

  • Arrive early for tuning, warming up, and mic checks

  • Show respect for equipment and facilities

  • Show respect for the other members of the WPMF

  • Practice at home

  • If you are over the age of 19, you must provide a criminal record check.

And what happens if the expectations are not met?  

  • Students can be dropped for not meeting any of the above expectations, at any time.

WPMF's complete Code Of Conduct can be read here.


  • There is zero-tolerance for use of illegal drugs or alcohol during the sessions.  Attendance will be not allowed if under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

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